Weekly Cleaning


Weekly Cleaning

Decide on a certain day each week to complete weekly cage cleaning duties. Keeping up with these tasks helps to reduce the chance of germs and bacteria taking up residence with your bird.

1. Wash the Cage's Tray. Birdcages have a tray at the bottom that the cage liners are placed on. This tray should be removed at least once a week and scrubbed with a damp rag and cage cleaner. Remember to make sure that the tray is dry before putting the liners back in and replacing it.​​

2. Remove and Scrub the Grate. Some bird cages have a grate at the bottom of the cage that hangs suspended over the tray so that the droppings fall through to the bottom. This grate should be scrubbed weekly to remove any dried droppings that may have collected on it. The easiest way to clean a grate is to place it in a bathtub and use a scrub brush to remove the waste. As with all cage parts, make sure that it is completely dry before returning it to the cage.

3. Clean and Change the Perches. Perches can also accumulate dirt and waste and are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. They should be soaked and scrubbed once a week to remove any germs that may be hiding from them. Some perches, especially the wooden ones, take quite a while to dry after they've been cleaned, so it's a good idea to keep a few "back-up" perches on hand. Put these in your bird's cage while the ones that you've cleaned are drying.

4. Clean and Rotate Toys. Much like human babies, birds use their mouths to explore and play with their toys. Once a week, any toys that are in your pet's cage should be removed, soaked, and scrubbed. As with the perches, it may be helpful to have a variety of toys on hand for your bird. That way, you can rotate the toys every week when you do your cleaning, effectively making sure that your bird does not get bored with his playthings.