Geo Bird Cage


Geo Bird Cage: The Parakeets Get a New Home

I have kept parakeets since I was 12 years old. Growing up, my parents enjoyed my sisters and I having pets. Over the years, we’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, hermit crabs, and tropical fish, but it was my blue and white parakeet named Pipet, after 7th grade science class, that started my love affair with birds. Truthfully, except for college, I can’t recall a time when I didn’t have a companion parakeet or two to keep me company.

When I met my husband, I had two little parakeets in my Los Angeles apartment. When we realized that we were moving across the country, they came with us. I packed them into the Jeep in their cage in a spot where I had wedged out their own little space, complete with a window to look out across the miles. At night we snuck them into the hotel with us under the cover of darkness. They even spent some time in the parking lot at Elvis’s Graceland. They went on to live many years.

My children too are growing up with parakeets. From an early age, they would

toddle over the cage, curiously watching and interacting. The same cage over 25 years old now houses our two parakeets Bluey and Sunny who have been with us for a few years. The old cage has held up well and housed many birds over the years.

But during the quarantine, it soon became apparent that all of us would be staying home much like the birds had been for so long. As we did much that so many folks did during quarantine- cleaning out closets, rearranging areas of the home and so forth, I thought perhaps the birds would like an upgrade of their home too. After all, sometimes a change of scenery can be a good thing.

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure to work with Omlet for a few years. Not only do they make chicken coops, but they also make other habitats for fido, hamsters and now birds. For some time now, I have had my eye on Omlet’s new Geo Bird Cage. I liked the style, shape and overall design. I have never seen anything like it. Plus, it offers so much more space than their current cage. As I explored it more watching the videos, I realized that this was the perfect cage for Bluey and Sunny.

As I went to order the Geo Bird Cage, I realized that you can basically chose any color combination that you can imagine. It is completely customizable. To match our home decor, I ordered the teal base with the gold mesh. I also added the cover and standing base. Then it was just wait time. I tell you, my daughter asked me every day if it had arrived.

Once the Geo Bird Cage arrived, my daughter and I got to work assembling it. The beautifully done packaging is organized. The instruction booklet is clear. It takes about an hour to assemble with all the hexagon shaped pieces. The design is really stellar. I am so happy to see that the food and water were centralized with a tray underneath to catch the seed hulls. How clever! Finally, it was time to get the birds into their new Geo Bird Cage.

It looks so pretty tucked in between the chair and the window. It’s like it was made for this space. The birds seem to be enjoying their new home too. They immediately started preening one another.

A set of two perches come with the Geo Bird Cage and they fit their little feet perfectly. The perches adjust easily, to prevent boredom and encourage different exercise patterns as well as ease of cleaning.

The cage and birds are now a focal part of our living room and have been such a conversation piece with family that comes to visit. It seems everyone has “never seen a bird cage like this” before and I would have to agree. It is pretty special.

The Geo Bird Cage comes with everything to get started. Not included are the birds, food, water, grit and a cuttlebone. The two optional items that we also ordered were the tall stand and also the fantastic constellation-covered cage cover for the evenings. Both were worth the splurge. But I also wanted to share how lovely the cage looks on a table top as well. Either way, the birds seem to love their new home.