Cages By Size


Cages By Size

Our huge selection of bird cages includes quality parrot cages for small, medium & large and extra large birds alike.

The best part is, ALL cages ship free within the mainland USA - regardless of size!

We carry only brand name cages from top-notch manufacturers that offer sturdy products backed by solid warranties.

We want your bird to be as safe & happy as possible! If you are unsure what size cage is right for your bird, check the Bar Spacing Guide for help or read below.

Our massive collection includes cages for small birds like Canaries & Finches up to roomy enclosures for Caiques & Conures and even gigantic homes for Hyacinth Macaws and Blue & Gold Macaws.

No matter what size bird cage you are shopping for, we have all the best styles to choose from. Choose one of the categories below to look through our vast selection and you will find exactly what your bird needs!



Just because you have a small bird doesn't mean your petite feathered friend can't live largely! Our small parrot cages (with stands) are ideal for most smaller breeds

Our medium bird cages are perfect for those "in-betweener" species. Those types of parrots that are too large for the smaller cages & too small for the largest cages.

These large bird cages are made for those very select types of birds that are in a category of their own...Specifically, Hyacinth Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws as well as bigger